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Areas in which STEELHOME operates with the turnkey construction service DIRECTLY

SteelHome deals with the construction of Homes in the "Turnkey" formula  through the companies that collaborate with the group.


For all areas where the "Turnkey construction" service is not provided, it is possible to request the supply of "SteelHome unfinished structures kit".

The "SteelHome Kit" is a prefabricated system including all the components necessary for the construction of your house up to the roof covering. (Advanced unfinished house).


The "SteelHome Kit" includes:

  • Structural calculation of the building.

  • The executive design of the structure, walls and roof.

  • Prefabricated modules for load-bearing masonry.

  • The floors and the roof, in wood or steel.

  • The roof insulation package.

  • The documentation required for assembly.

who can install the kit?
Assembly must be carried out by a construction company with minimal experience in the construction sector. (the possibility of installation assistance is given by Steelhome).

Should the company buy the "SteelHome kit"?
The kit can be sold directly to the owner of the property

Will the company carrying out the installation encounter any difficulties?
The assembly of the system is very simple for a company operating in the construction sector, much easier to perform than a house with a traditional system. It is however possible to agree at the time of purchase an Assembly Assistance course where the various processing phases and the particularities of the system will be explained.

What works will the company still have to perform?
In addition to the foundation works, the company will carry out the remaining works relating to the internal and external finishes of the building, such as: electrical and plumbing systems, smoothing and painting, internal partitions, internal counter-walls, screeds, floors and walls, doors and windows ...

Do you have any other questions?
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SteelHome proposes to expand its range of action throughout Italy with the franchising project.  This project aims to transfer its know-how to all  reality  such as building contractors, architects, surveyors, engineers  they wish to implement  its offer by proposing properties based on the concept of structural guarantee, energy saving, aesthetic quality and guarantee of durability over time. Features that nowadays make a system the right way to build the house of the future. 

The brand  SteelHome  is a guarantee of quality, durability, speed, strength and aesthetics. 


SteelHome proposes, depending on the person concerned, different collaboration solutions.
The affiliate will be followed, step by step, from the beginning of the constructive process; it will only require knowledge and experience in the construction sector, including traditional ones. It may make use of either its own means or through the management of external contractors. 
The peculiarity of the system is therefore the  supply of a kit from  assemble made by  SteelHome  that will come  placed in place e  consequently equipped with all the finishes following the operational protocol and the tender specifications provided either by the parent company or on the will and indications of the franchisee.


• Territorial exclusivity;
• Commercial assistance (sending requests and contacts received  through
• Manage an innovative construction system;
• Offer the customer with performance solutions;​
•  Use of innovative system  not present in the territory.​


• Staff training
• Refresher courses: basic personal requirements to open a  SteelHome franchising and achieving success are: seriousness, will,  determination, perseverance and ambition.




arch. Paolo Voltarel
arch. Celeghin Lamberto
arch. Simone Magnani
geom. Daniele Villatora
arch. Paolo Fogal
arch. Alberto Ceccato
arch. Marco Battiston
geom. Daniele Rovere
arch. Gaetano Mattiola
geom. Daniele Mason
geom. Leopoldo Fogal


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